Each Susi di Re Jewel is entirely handmade in Italy, by using sophisticated techniques: each element is sewn on brass filigrees with a fine transparent nylon thread.  Alternatively, components are hinged with small brass pins. 

There are no weld joints. 

All the brass elements are nickel-free. 

Some components are not subjected to galvanic treatments, because of specific stylistic choices, to give the metal surface that slight patina - typical of brass - that makes the object appear as "vintage".


To bring each jewel back to its original splendour, gently rub the metal surfaces with a specific polishing cloth for brass. These can be found both online and in stores selling household products.

Do not rub the object too vigorously, to avoid detaching the elements and breaking the stitching.

Even the crystals and cabochons can be cleaned in the same way or even through the use of soft cotton pads soaked in alcohol.


To protect the brightness of the jewel as long as possible, we recommend some precautions:

  • Do not spray perfume directly on the jewel and if possible, remove the jewels before using body lotions
  • Avoid direct contact with water, whether fresh or salty and never put it in contact with thermal water
  • Do not drop or bump against hard materials to avoid the breaking of crystal, glass and hard stone components
  • Do not wear over woven knits (knit wool, cotton sweaters or mohair items), as protruding parts may catch on the knit
  • handle with care when hooking and unhooking, especially for those objects that have t-bar or magnet closures: In these cases, it is strongly advised not to pull the two ends excessively, as it  could lead to the break of the jewel
  • Always transport the jewels in their own box as it  will avoid shocks and will keep these isolated from other materials.
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